My Quick Experiments - On facebook

This nub can quickly help you test different QE groups that you’re currently working on by automagically modifying the URL «qe» query param.
Worry not! All configurations you add here will be saved locally for future sessions.

On facebook today

What is this popup that suddenly appeared on facebook today?

Lots of users are reporting the same on Reddit


My quick experiement test
So I tested... Not sure what to expect

What the QE-icon looks like and where to find it

My Quick Experiments Icon
This is my facebook page today with the "my quick experiments" icon, located bottom right

What is my quick experiments?

There is a lot of discussion on Internet, but some answers are more likely than others.

Is it a hack? No, this happened all over the world at the same time. Most likely it is triggered by facebook staff.

Is it something new? Most likely not – Facebook is user friendly – this feature was not.

Is it a test tools for facebook developers? This is the most likely answer to what my quick experiments is. Not confirmed, but as an educated webdeveloper – this is the most logical answer.

Most important – you are not hacked, so no worries.

Thanks for reading.

My Quick Experiment on Facebook
My Quick Experiments - popup on facebook