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Search Engine Optimization - Norway edition

Norwegians are not plenty, they got plenty of room to roam in beautiful nature.  My english might not be perfect – but I know how to assist you to reach the norwegian markets.


With weekly reports and almost daily updates and guidance on improvements and weak points we have seen very exciting and promising growth. I am very grateful for the service and assistance that Frode has provided me and my small business, and I very much value his knowledge and expertise which are built on a foundation of experience.»

Doane Linde, Gecko Adventures – Irland.

SEO is simpler here

A lot of norwegian industries are unknown with the benefits of Search engine optimization. Some are competative, and others are almost wide open. However, even in freezing norwegian temperatures, we are warming up to SEO – so the window is closing, like a lake in early winter.

SEO is not always the solution either. Sometimes a good Google Ads budget will get the job done. Digital Marketing can reach wide and still be affordable. Sometimes with low CPC too.

What you do need is a norwegian doing some initial research. <- that one would be me.

SEO Konsulenten Frode Heimen

Frode Heimen
Norwegian SEO-expert


Did you know that the norwegian word is søkemotoroptimalisering?
(It is a topic page in norwegian)

Do contact me, it is free to ask, and it might be valuable to do business.

Some free SEO facts with Norway goggles

I am an educated webmaster with more than 20 years experience. I have been working to understand search engines since the time of Lycos, AltaVista and Excite.

I have also experience from leadership and business – giving me a full insight into the mind of norwegians, and marketing mechanics in our country.

SEO is my passion, what I do on my spare time, at work and whenever I can. I have complex tools to assist me in my job, to make you look good. Let me know if you need a norwegian Search engine optimization expert.

Norway SEO

Need help reaching the norwegians?

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